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Why I started White Rabbit Interactive

The pervasively positive tone found within social media platforms was definitely something I noticed when I first became involved in the space (all those years ago!).
Social media, by its very definition, is fun. It is a space for people to talk, share ideas and spawn creativity. As an optimistic person who is a total chatterbox – this was magnetic to me. I couldn’t resist exploring what was possible within the medium. The sheer amount of communication and innovation is fantastic – it is immediately evident that social media provides a path to a brighter, more connected future. I love this – it is my catnip.

Social media is also purely egalitarian, in that any person or any organisation of any size has level access to the medium to communicate with their stakeholders and followers.

The opportunity for real-time market research exists in the area like nowhere else. This has changed the aged advertising process (billboards, TV and print) into a frenetic exchange of feedback and ideas. As part of this, organisations can release products and services, information, announcements and latest news directly to their target audiences – the people who are the most integral to, and most supportive of their success.

Social media proffers organisations the opportunity to communicate to their followers their joy and pride in their products and services. Through this, they reignite their own passion in their area of expertise, thereby rediscovering the love and zeal that is too often lost among the day to day humdrum. The organization can birth a whole host of brand advocates by simply being involved and motivated by what they provide, and their point of difference – and sharing that with their audience.

Social media is a highly dynamic arena – constantly evolving, changing and improving. This appeals to me. I love that I am kept on my toes with updates and improvements. I love that we don’t know exactly what is coming next. One thing is certain – the enthusiasm and excitement is palpable. The White Rabbit can’t wait to see what is just around the corner in this amazing digital wonderland.

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