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Women in business

Being a woman and being active and ambitious in business has meant that I come across a lot of lovely ladies in the same position.  One topic is raised again and again – how can we pull together to help each other get ahead?

In this area, women have a good few advantages. I have generalised for the purposes of this article – please feel free to contact me with any comments or points for discussion!

“Women are natural born communicators” is repeated so often, it is at risk of becoming a platitude. However, this chestnut was born from common experience across many generations.  More and more do we see women excel in positions and industries requiring sensitive and tactful communication.  It is common knowledge that girls do better in both school and university, where capable learning and two way communication is required for success.

Due to this keen interest in, and natural flair for communication, women build strong bonds and communities with depth and meaning. This is evident by the amount of women present and active on social media platforms. Although men are evening up the odds, women still consist of 55% of social media users, vs 45% men. On Pinterest, this differentiation is much more pronounced – 82% of users are female. Women are utilising social media to stay in touch with friends, with family and to network with business and personal contacts, to find information and receive targeted communication on topics and brands they are interested in.

Women are empathetic and sympathetic. Due to their inclusiveness and networking abilities, they are supportive of other women joining the work force. This is evident by the amount of the business networking websites geared specifically towards women.

Networking online holds the key to helping women actively assist each other in career progression, and to provide support in their individual pursuits. I have included a list of great business networking sites below, as well as articles on the subject that I have found to be informative and inspiring. Please let me know if you have any questions or points of discussion at all - I wiould love to hear your feedback!

Business networking sites:

Articles of interest:


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