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Why visit when you can stay forever?

Creating a brand is a funny thing. At first, it is your baby – a small creature into which you pour all your life energy. It is the consumer of blood, sweat and tears. It is something you think you might gladly give yourself holidays from, entrusting this difficult child to the babysitter you might trust.

Slowly, slowly your brand morphs into a land you visit during the day. You travel through the day immersed in this sometimes strange geography. You learn the language, native costume. You form traditions and rituals. You absorb and project that special spark only you have. You educate yourself on the industry, exports and bureaucracy, becoming an expert on these and more. You design many hats for yourself and happily switch them up depending on necessity and capricious invention.

Eventually, without realising, you inhabit that land permanently. Your passport of passage remains unstamped for a long, long time. You dress at all times in the native costume. You speak your own language. Your values, mentality, tradition and rituals frame everything you do. You wake up in the morning, the sun streams through the window onto your grand plans and dreams before you’ve properly awoken. You market your brand as a tourist destination. People begin to express keen interest in visiting you and absorbing your fabulous created environment. They want to explore the mountains and byways. They want to escape to your promised land. Once you have achieved this, you have achieved everything. Nothing tangible compares to developing this desire in your followers to visit you often and stay for as long as they can.

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