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The importance of being able to write

Why do people think it’s cute or funny when they can’t spell, or their grammar is bad? They know they are capable of better. It’s not funny; it makes you look uneducated and unintelligent. Appearing stupid isn’t cute. It’s lazy and inexcusable.
Our language ability is amazing, it birthed and cradled civilisation. It separates us from the majority of the animal kingdom. As the internet rapidly rises as the predominant medium for mass and personal communication, your written communication becomes increasingly important. Don’t underestimate it and cast yourself with the animals.
Now, more than ever, we must develop respect for the power of our words. The pen is mightier than the sword. Don’t you think it arrogant to expect people to decipher a terrible line or atrocious page? Especially when you can’t invest the few moments required for proofreading. A translator should not be required if two people are speaking the same language.
We live in Australia. It is not realize, capitalize, color, humor or rumor. If you are stationary you are standing still. If you are stationery you are a pencil or an eraser. Then relates to time, than is comparative. Are people being careless or do they honestly not know which is which? Shouldn’t we affect change? The effect on the next generation could be astounding.

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